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Serve These 21 Dishes With Your Margaritas on Cinco de Mayo

Serve These 21 Dishes With Your Margaritas on Cinco de Mayo

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Enjoy Mexican favorites and modern twists this holiday


Need a snack with your margarita this Cinco de Mayo? Try making something easy and delicious, like these chicken fajitas.

Whether you are enjoying your margaritas frozen or on the rocks this Cinco de Mayo, you will need some fiesta-worthy snacks to enjoy alongside your drinks.

Click here for the Serve These 21 Dishes With Your Margaritas on Cinco de Mayo slideshow.

From snacks for a crowd — like guacamole, spicy queso, and fresh salsas — to proper meals, like this chilaquiles dish with lots of Mexican flavor and easy burritos, we have the recipes you need to throw a proper Cinco de Mayo party this year.

Impress guests with this elevated dish of quail, chorizo, and beans, a refined twist on classic Mexican cuisine or stick to classic tamales and enchiladas for the main course.

When your sweet tooth beckons, fry churros and serve with a chocolate or caramel sauce. If it’s hot outside, make this frozen Mexican-chocolate mousse recipe to keep cool.

Let’s celebrate the anniversary of the unlikely victory of the Mexican army over the French at the Battle of Puebla the only way we know how — with friends, family, and plenty of chile peppers to bring the heat.

Skip the crowded bars and restaurants, fire up the grill, and let the soothing sound of the blender humming put you in the mood for Mexican classics this holiday.

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