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After eight ice cream

After eight ice cream

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After eight ice cream recipe of 25-08-2014 [Updated on 11-07-2016]

Here is the first recipe after the summer break, the mint and chocolate ice cream, a combination of fabulous taste. I love after eight chocolates and this flavor of ice cream reminds me a lot, the ideal would have been to prepare it with home made mint syrup but when I got ready to prepare it, I found my beautiful mint plant attacked by small and insidious insects that ruined it for me, so I folded with a syrup bought at the supermarket, too bad! Friends I'm back in full swing, I've already made a plan for the week, I'm trying to answer all comments on old recipes and emails and I've already jumped to the other office for a meeting, then after work I'll start the operation "Elisa's cake", I don't really want to tell you what that brat asked me this year, just know that it will be a 3-tier cake • _ • well friends I run away and get back to work, a kiss.


How to make after eight ice cream

Put the sugar, milk and cold cream from the fridge in an immersion blender and mix the mixture for a few minutes.

Add the mint syrup and continue beating until the mixture is homogeneous.

Pour the mixture into the ice cream maker and operate as scheduled. My, vel. 1 for 10 minutes.

When the mint ice cream has taken shape, add the chocolate sprinkles.

Operate the ice cream maker and continue until you get a thick and creamy ice cream.

Transfer the after eight ice cream to a low-sided container and let it rest in the freezer for 2 hours before serving.

After-eight ice cream

Combine the milk, sugar, dextrose and powdered milk (or an equal amount of cream) in a saucepan.

Heat the milk until it reaches 85 ° C.

Remove the milk base from the heat, transfer the mixture to a cold bowl in a bain-marie in water and ice and add the cream and the carob flour.

Blend the mixture with an immersion blender and place it in the refrigerator to rest for at least 3 hours.

After this time, add the mint syrup to the ice cream base.

Transfer the mint ice cream base to the baskets of the ice cream maker and operate it.

Let the ice cream stir until you get a rather compact consistency, it will take about 40 minutes (the timing varies depending on the model of ice cream maker used).

When the ice cream is well whipped, add the coarsely chopped dark chocolate and mix to distribute it evenly in the ice cream.

Serve the ice cream immediately or you can store it in the freezer in a plastic container.

After eight ice cream - Recipes

I like the chocolate and mint pairing. I know that I copy you and I try to make this ice cream too!

I've never made ice cream like this, I usually use the ice cream parlor!

What a beautiful taste, never tried, I'm curious I'll try to make your ice cream ^ _ ^

i love summer ice cream, i will try your recipe me gusta a lot

I love the taste of mint, nice refreshing, especially in summer it leaves you that nice cool feeling!
congratulations on the ice cream, chocolate and mint are perfect together!

After eight ice cream? I love those chocolates * Q *
I absolutely have to do it ASAP! )

I also have wonderful memories related to After Eight chocolates :) I stole them from my great-aunt as a child U_U

AfterEight is too good! But too many memories as a child: D

Mint and chocolate, how can you resist? I absolutely have to try to imitate you

I like mint, it must be a good combination!

but what an idea. I love the after eight and the idea of ​​rediscovering the taste in an ice cream I like too much !! :) laura

What a tasty and fresh pairing, ideal for this hot season.

I absolutely have to try it!

I don't particularly like mint, or even chocolate, but mint ice cream is certainly pleasant

In my house, mint is so popular, I immediately try this ice cream.

I love ice cream I also eat it in winter: P, however, I've never tasted a mint ice cream. to try!!

i love the cake after eight i find it so fresh. let alone ice cream. it will be great.

Gorgeous I really like the mint flavor, I didn't know there was also bio, so first I'll buy the syrup and then I'll make the ice cream.

MMMMMM what goodness, I love mint.

I want to try it. it will be delicious!

oh my what a fantastic combination. Chunk and mint. the cups are beautiful and useful. :)

I love the after eight, I only eat this taste in the summer, besides it is tastier and much more thirst-quenching than the others. I have to try to make it handmade too, we hope it will come to me

it is one of the flavors that I love most in summer and how beautiful that cup in which you served it

Do you believe me when I tell you that it is the taste I love most of all. mint and chocolate I can't resist it. & lt3 & lt3 & lt3

I love mint ice cream, I find that in summer it doesn't weigh you down, doesn't make you fat and refreshes, without leaving you that desire to drink. Difficult to find, I can only book it through the catalog, just the mint chocolate, thanks for suggesting the recipe, I absolutely have to buy the ice cream maker

My favorite flavor of ice cream, popsicles etc. it is mint and when I go to the ice cream parlor I always take this cup. Great post :)

After eight ice cream - Recipes

I'll tell you. i don't love ice creams so much, but one i love to die for for the colors is just this one.!
very beautiful!

excellent combines with the fresh taste of mint, the sweetness of chocolate, it must be really good.

you go. it really takes me!

I recently have an ice cream maker and I am also looking for new flavors to make, I will definitely try your recipe!

it's my favorite flavor! I do it very often too (I don't have an ice cream maker, but I use the thermomix). you made me want it. )

it's also one of my favorite summer flavors, fresh with that extra touch of chocolate! happy monday

I love ice cream .. but I don't like mint very much .. smackkk :-D

In this heat, just thinking about this ice cream already feels better.
Hello and good start of the week.

never tried this combination, here you die.

it's also one of my favorites.

How good very good. what it takes ..

Noooo. mint and chocolate is too good !!
What a throat this photo makes me. Here, before the child arrives for the repetitions I would gladly eat a cup. let's do two, go & # 39!
Bravissimissia, excellent proposal!

beautiful Laura ice cream, fresh, very suitable for the heat. -)

mint and chocolate, I taste it !! A summer version of the after hours, I like it !!

what goodness! pity that I don't have an ice cream maker. kisses, see you soon:)

Mint ice cream is one of the most thirst-quenching that exists and if enriched with chocolate nuggets it becomes a real pleasure. Too bad not to have an ice cream maker.

Mine too, mine too !! And I want to buy the ice cream maker !! beautiful, this ice cream!

Hi Laura! Thank you for your joyful sight that allowed me to get to you and .. wish to eat this delight right away!
I continue to delight in your pages! We will see each other soon! Happy week, Monica

Hi Laura!
I have a brand new ice cream maker too, for a while now. and still haven't used it. what better opportunity to start?
The chocolate / mint pairing is AMAZING.

This evening we really need. :)))

Mint and chocolate is also one of my favorite flavors :)

It's my favorite flavor. But I don't have an ice cream maker :-(

Enjoy your after eight ice cream! HI SILVIA

hello Laura how nice your blog, and start with an ice cream that I love: mint and chocolate !!
welcome to my blog, and thanks for the compliments!
a scratch to your beautiful cats

How good this & quotafter eight & quot style cup, greedy and very fresh. I am more and more tempted to buy the ice cream maker. Kisses, have a nice day

I hadn't seen your update on my wall :-(! This ice cream is too greedy. Baciuzzi

It is good, with a mint flavor and that extra note of freshness.

To have an ice cream maker I would do nothing but prepare ice creams as hot as you are. Well done!! Have a nice day

I joined your blog, it's really cute and interesting. I also love animals and in particular cats, I have two at home: Plato and Socrates (both foundlings). On my blog there are photos.
Ice creams in summer are the protagonists of my desserts, even last year I bought the ice cream maker and now every week I enjoy trying different flavors. For Saturday I was thinking of making caramel ice cream. If it comes out well I will post the recipe.

wow, this ice cream, mint !!
I like it a lot.
Hi, I'm Lucia, I joined your blog, it's so cute !! If you want to join mine I'd be happy.

After eight ice cream - Recipes

After Eight chocolates combine the sweetness of dark chocolate with the freshness of mint in a unique mix that has conquered the world.
The "mints", as the British affectionately call them, were born in 1962 in York in the Rowntree laboratories, with the aim of creating a small moment of pleasure, to be consumed after dinner (After eight, in fact).
We propose them again in an even fresher version, perfect for the summer season.



Take the mint, remove the leaves, wash and pat them, place them in a bowl with 250 ml. of ice cream mix for 60 minutes.

Stronger taste: blend all the leaves and pass them through kitchen gauze and a colander

More delicate taste: blend half of the leaves and pass them through kitchen gauze and a colander.

Add the rest of the mixture to the mint puree, start freezing. In the meantime, roughly chop the chocolate and once the ice cream is whipped, add the chocolate pieces, operate the batch freezer for a few more minutes and transfer the ice cream to the freezer for about ten minutes.

With & # 8220La Gelato Recipe by Pa & # 8221 it only takes a few minutes to serve excellent ice creams & # 8230 at any time!

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Identity of Gelato, the first edition. Seven stars on the stage, to change the world of ice creams


THE BEGINNING & ndash We can say that the true emancipation of artisanal gelato and in its valorisation first began at Identit & agrave Golose in 2006. That year Corrado Assenza, patron of Caff & egrave Sicilia in Noto, charmed the visitors of the congress in Milan with his Almond granita, oysters and chilli pepper. & laquoAt the time & ndashPaolo Marchi points out & ndash we didn & rsquot fully realized how strong the need to redefine the universe of cones and cups, and of flavors and textures for the restaurants was. Since then, the research on the world of gelato has never stopped & raquo. Last week the first edition of Identity of Gelato, in Senigallia. All the photos are from Francesca Brambilla and Serena Serrani

A day dedicated to gelato. Or rather to redefining the universe of cones and cups, which for too long was illtreated by featureless ice cream makers, focused only on chemicals and thickeners. This world has now taken the same road of redemption that pizza, for instance, experienced in the past decade. Gelato in connection with fine dining gelato in search of new roads to take and different ways of being produced gelato that, with this enthusiasm for improvements, often finds its contemporary identity by drawing from ancient knowledge and flavors. This was the leitmotiv of Identity of Gelato, first edition of the new congress created by Golose identity in partnership with Motor Power Company. It took place last week, in the fascinating Rotonda a Mare in Senigallia. And indeed we start from the latter element & ndash the location, that is & ndash with the introduction given by Paolo Marchi, creator and curator of all of Identity & agrave, hence even of Identity of Gelato.

The room, with the necessary social distancing (but many were following online)

Andrea Polini offers an ice cream to Paolo Marchi

PAOLO MARCHI & ndash & laquoBeing today in Senigallia is important for many reasons. First, let me take a step back to the Nineties. Moreno Cedroni and Mauro Uliassi were still at the beginning of their incredible careers, and Identity & agrave still didn & rsquot exist. Over time, Senigallia experienced the incredible success of these two chefs, and we also started, and grew hugely. Mauro has ice cream in his DNA, his parents already ran an ice cream shop in the Sixties. Moreno is curious about everything he & rsquos been studying the different opportunities offered by ice creams for some time. I remember how on the 9th of June 2003 here in Senigallia, he surprised me with a sort of large ice cream cake: it was for my wedding reception, when I married He knows& raquo.

So, of course Senigallia had to be the place where we & rsquod host Identity of Gelato: & laquoNow we & rsquore here, in a place I hold very dear because as I said it sums up many important stages in my life. Let & rsquos speak of gelato. In doing so, I often compare it to pizza: I used to eat only pizza with ham and anchovies, the only one I tolerated because in general the dough was horrible, it would leaven in my stomach. The same goes for gelato: only coffee and yogurt, it was the time when semifinished products prevailed. Now things are changing & raquo. And Identit & agrave, as always, will follow and support this change.

Moreno Cedroni and Luca Abbadir

Cedroni and Abbadir with Paolo Marchi and Cinzia Benzi

The meaning? & laquoThe enjoyment starts from the nose. The aroma of this dish is the first component you can perceive when tasting it & raquo. But what & rsquos inside? The beeswax is not only in the plate but also on the plate, as an innovative thickener for the gelato, & laquoit & rsquos the first time this road is taken & raquo. Tunnelcame to help: & laquoAt first the wax formed lumps. We then melted it in the usual ice cream mix and then processed everything in an ultrasound machine for 20 minutes this creates some microbubbles which, by exploding, fragment the structure of the mixture. This then goes in the Princess ice cream machine and the result is a gelato that won & rsquot melt and has a very special texture & raquo. Gelato with polyfloral honey, in this case it & rsquos served on a base of sponge cake, then a brunoise of carrots and Pink Lady apples, cream with elderberry syrup, lemon zest, sanded and salted hazelnuts, elderberry mousse, pollen, sorrel flowers and leaves. Bingo, here & rsquos the Queen beeice-cream dish.

A tasty game introduced this tasting: fake edible bees made with honey in a mold (they & rsquore made with jellified honey and agar agar, dried for 5 days at 40 & degS), colored one by one and presented on a sorrel leaf & laquoto use as if it were a taco shell & raquo, the delicious bee is wrapped in it and crunches under your teeth.

Mauro Uliassi and Eleonora Cozzella, who presented the entire event

MAURO ULIASSI & ndash From Cedroni to Uliassi: time for bees, the research theme is the same. Three-starred Mauro says: & laquoGelato is part of my life. In the Sixties, my father who had a bar and ice cream shop. He was among the first to make artisanal gelato, with eight carapine. When I became a teacher at catering school, I attended some excellent courses on gelato, held by teachers like Donata Panciera, Cecchiniello, Luca Caviezel& hellip & raquo. The result: & laquoI have often used gelato, both in desserts and savory dishes & raquo: asparagus, onion, peppers, prawns, daiquiri, pi & ntildea colada, & laquoLagavulin with a chocolate souffl & eacute & raquo & hellip

This time, bees. Or rather honey. Or better still, fresh pollen (incredibly interesting, picked high in the mountains) and mead (an ancient fermented drink from honey, in this case from acacias, sunflowers and stachis) supplied by Giorgio Poet, in Fabriano. They meet Buccarello from Piandelmedico dairy, a cheese made with buffalo milk, of medium aging: this & laquomust be balanced with milk, then you add the thickener and the sugars, and it all goes in the ice cream machine. We add gel and powdered camomile, honey, with some grated fresh pinecones, a mead meringue, flowers, powdered yogurt and pressed bramble and oak pollen & raquo, marvelous. Savory, sweet, with notes of wax, & laquoit & rsquos not your usual ice cream & raquo.

Brunelli& rsquos & quotsgroppino & quot with wild mosciolo from Portonovo

His first recipe on stage is inspired by memories (& laquoThey & rsquore crucial & raquo) and gives value to the wild mosciolo from Portonovo, a Slow Food presidium from the Marche. Recalling the oyster-Champagne pairing, here comes the mosciolo-Verdicchio one Brunelli agrees that the name may not sound as great but it & rsquos great on the palate: it & rsquos basically a sorbet of Verdicchio and late mandarins from Ciaculli, with some brown sugar, a sort of sgroppino with a mosciolo. But the forte is another, and it & rsquos connected with the Comboproject. A premise: & laquo The weak point of gelato is that you eat it mostly in the summer, and rarely during a meal & raquo. Here is instead a gourmet ice cream panino (Brunelli has already made others: panino with mortadella and pistachio sorbet, panino with robiola from Roccaverano and hazelnut gelato & hellip): this has stone picker, which are seaside greens typical of Conero, similar to salicornia and then anchovies, Sichuan pepper, Dutch cheese and a sorbet made with Inspiration Valrhona raspberry chocolate (20%) and grilled peppers. All this in a special roll, with no salt. The tasting: super delicious. Brunellisays: & laquo The difference between a contemporary ice cream maker and an old style one is the following: the modern one must first think like a mathematician, and then forget the numbers and think like a chef & raquo.

Without forgetting the past and the old (gelato) flavors. I know Brunelli off stage prepares a malaga flavored gelato, the kind you very rarely find these days, like cassata, amaretto, Spagnolo, torroncino & hellip You & rsquoll want more and more.

Marco Pedron with Paolo Marchi

MARCO PEDRON & ndash Born in Milan in 1981, Marco Pedron is neither a chef nor an ice cream maker, like the speakers before him. He & rsquos a pastry chef, but not an ordinary one. He & rsquos Carlo Cracco& rsquos pastry chef. In other words, he rules over the 130 sqm laboratory overlooking Galleria Vittorio Emanuele which supplies the bread for the gourmet restaurant and the cakes for the bistro, forCarlo and Camilla, as well as all the other leavened products. These past few months have been very intense for him, & laquoduring the lockdown our online platform exploded, plenty of orders & raquo. They & rsquore working to second that success: & laquo We & rsquoll soon have a special area, a lab on the third floor only dedicated to leavened products & raquo.

For his recipe at Identity of Gelato, Pedron first of all guides us outside of Milan, to Santarcangelo di Romagna, where Carlo Cracco and Pink Fanti, husband and wife, have bought a marvelous estate, from which they get fresh fruits, good oil and much more. The pastry chef says: & laquoI found a variety of cherry there called Samba, very interesting. It & rsquos a sort of delicacy from the late spring. We have pasteurized and frozen the pulp to be able to use it today too & raquo. How do I know? Alessandro Troccoli, ma & icirctre at the restaurant, got the idea: a pizza. Seriously? Yes, a sweet pizza with a cherry sorbet instead of the tomato sauce.

Iginio Ventura, left, with Corrado Assenza

Black cherry sorbet from Ventura

Ventura, second from the right, with, left to right Cozzella, Assenza, Brunelli, Guizzetti, Marchi

Stefano Guizzetti and the sea in Senigallia

STEFANO GUIZZETTI & ndash Born in Bergamo in 1982, Stefano Guizzetti (from the Pig ice cream shops in Parma and Milan) is sort of the opposite of Ventura, though they share the same result, that is to say a purity of flavors. After all, he studied agricultural studies with a dissertation on the chemistry of gelato & hellip So he aims to create flavors that will make you go back to situations, places to put it in his words, & laquoI want to tease the experiential memories of the scents of something not edible, but still part of our lives & raquo. Such as? & laquoFor instance, I & rsquom studying a gelato that evokes the scent of the air before a storm & raquo.

Work in progress, that is. In the meantime, he presents three tastings plus one. The initial trio has the following flavors: hay, fig leaves, underwood. He says: & laquoPlaying with aromas and ice creams is not easy, because usually it & rsquos the heat that enhances the aromas & raquo. But he works hard, & laquoone of the first ice creams I made, many years ago, was a sorbet of uva strawberry. It immediately reminded me of my grandparents & rsquo house. Since then, I focus on memories & raquo. The hay gelato, like the other ones based on milk (& laquoBecause fats act as a conductor of aromas & raquo) derives from a cold extraction of alfalfa, & laquoI wanted to present the area where I live, the hills of Parma, with their scent of forage & raquo. Second tasting: fig leaf gelato, & laquoI & rsquoll take you to a summer & rsquos night, underneath a nice plant of figs & raquo. Third, underwood, which he recreates with an infusion of fir bark, & laquopicked when there & rsquos more lymph, from larger trees, so richer in aromas. The result is an earthy, humid aroma & raquo.

CORRADO ABSENCE & ndash Grand finale with Corrado Assenza. Eleonora Cozzella, who duetted with the seven speakers throughout the day with her usual brightness and competence reminded him of a famous quote of his: & laquo are categories we apply as humans, in a totally arbitrary way, to food & raquo. He confirms these are his words but adds: & laquoProfessionals & ndash and not only them & ndash are capable of fully using their senses to show a sensitivity towards what surrounds them and which exists regardless of us. In other words: we & rsquore at the same time a thermometer of nature, and we & rsquore nature too. Hence for a chef salt and sugar are not opposites, and the same goes for a pastry chef these are connected dimensions. If there was a contrast, instead, it would almost imply a lobotomy of our capacity of analyzing nature, drawing the best of (and from) it, and bringing it into our pantry & raquo.

This is the concept behind a & ldquohistoric & rdquo dish that Absence presented at Identit & agrave Golose 2006, charming the participants with his Almond granita with oysters and chilli pepper. & laquoAt the time & ndash Paolo Marchi later pointed out & ndash we didn & rsquot fully realized how important it would become to redefine the universe of cones and cups, of flavors and textures within restaurants. Since then, the research on gelatos has never stopped & raquo.

Black cherry sorbet, emulsion of grilled peppers, sea urchins, red tuna tarantello, sauce of grilled tomatoes

PRINCESS & ndash Identity of Gelato was created and organized by Golose identity in partnership with Motor Power Company, the company from Castelnovo di Sotto (Reggio Emilia) specialized in industrial and robotic automation. What has that got to do with gelato? Managing director Christian Grandi explained: & laquoIt all comes from our curiosity: we wondered how our technologies could help ice cream makers. We were looking for innovative answers that could be applied to a seemingly distant world & raquo. The result was Princess, an ice cream machine & laquot that replicates the work of an artisan but with an automated process, flexible and environmentally friendly. That is to say: the art of gelato with contemporary technology & raquo.

We will return on this. After all, as the vice mayor of Senigallia, Maurizio Mem & egrave, pointed out & laquothis was the first edition of Identity of Gelato. But we have already planned to host at least three more here & raquo.

The Scoop on the Gelato Festival

Visitors to Florence & rsquos Gelato Festival can sample Aphrodite, a gelato made from creamy Greek yogurt, flower blossom honey, pulverized toasted sesame seeds, and caramel while admiring the city & rsquos major monuments. This is a signature flavor submitted by one of the eight different ice cream parlors invited to attend. Each will bring a delicious and unique creation ready for tasting. The 2015 edition has moved from the city center to Piazzale Michelangelo, a venue with a view.

The Festival Gelato Card grants entry to the event, five free small cups of gelato, allows the holder to vote for their favorite flavor, and also entitles the visitor to one extra cup after casting a vote.

The card also gives unlimited access to gelato-making demonstrations so the guest can learn how to make the most famous and traditional Italian dessert from the masters. Cardholders will be able to watch as the artisans prepare scrumptious and daring gelato concoctions.

Out of the eight competitors, two are from the city of Florence: Perch & egrave No and Gelateria della Passera. Perch & egrave No (in English: Why Not?) In Florence since 1939, is competing with Aphrodite. Gelateria della Passera is featuring Mona Lisa, in honor of the artistic icon thought to be born on a side street in the Oltrarno. The gelato is made from cream (a traditional gelato flavor with a milk, cream, and egg base), baked apples, raisins soaked in Cognac, and orange blossom essence.

The event will also present a flavor named Expo for those who are lactose intolerant. A fruit and water-based gelato, Expo is completely milk-free.

The Florence Gelato Festival will also host gelato trucks perfectly outfitted to host educational demonstrations. One is Il Buontalenti, the first mobile & ldquolaboratory & rdquo for ice cream makers. Buontalenti was named after architect, stage designer, and engineer Bernardo Buontalenti, who is thought to have invented gelato in Florence. Others are I Ruggeri and Catherine de & rsquoMedici of the Florentine ruling family who popularized the dessert. The public can view the gelato-making process while the chefs work on flavors created exclusively for the Gelato Festival.

After Florence, the festival then travels to 16 other Italian cities and will host a total of 200 competing gelato makers. The public, food experts and journalists choose the winners, who will then go on to compete in the European Championship, hosted by Florence in October. (ashley mixson)


Anyone who is about my age certainly remembers the boom that this combination of mint, chocolate and cream has had.
Thirst-quenching, refreshing and greedy, it is in fact one of my favorites and why not offer it in a panna cotta?

for the gelatin

Soak the gelatine sheets in cold water.
Meanwhile, pour the cream into a saucepan, add the icing sugar and heat over low heat when it starts to boil, add the isinglass well squeezed and stir to absorb it all.
At this point, filter everything and let it cool slightly then add the chocolate chips and pour into glasses.
Place in the fridge to cool and firm.
Separately prepare the mint cream, combining the water and mint syrup and the soaked and squeezed gelatin in a saucepan.
Melt and mix everything and pour over the panna cotta.
Firm in the fridge.

After eight ice cream - Recipes


wow! they are perfect! compliments. they seem bought in a pastry shop ..
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your after-eight instead are flawless! fantastic :)
a big kiss (the bracelet is beautiful!)

how good, they are really perfect.

but how niceooooo. I like it very much: D
also the chocolates but the bracelet. -)
kisses dear and happy 2014.

The bracelet is beautiful !! And congratulations for the chocolates !! I love them, as a child my dad always bought them for me! A kiss dear Silvia, see you soon !!

But what is the jewel? The chocolate or the bracelet? both perfect, New Year's greetings

Great idea, very original :) Complimentoni :)

Delicious chocolates and beautiful bracelet, I really like the cupcake packaging! : D Very good, a big kiss and good weekend! : **

I'm crazy about it I never thought I could make them at home thanks for the recipe.
A big kiss :-)))

Dear Silvietta I love the mint and chocolate pairing!

I love after-eight and with this recipe you have opened up a world for me.

perfect and greedy, congratulations also for the bracelets.

beautiful bracelet and what a delicacy.

You had a lot of good taste in your choice. very nice bracelet .. the chocolates I should taste them to express an opinion. send some.
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Il bracciale è qualcosa di i cioccolatini che hai creato sono una vera delizia..lo sai da quant'è che non ne mangio uno di questo tipo. poi fatti in casa come hai fatto tu sono proprio un altra storia. bravissima come sempre.

complimenti per i dolci ed accattivanti after eight e soprattutto per questa opportunità che hai avuto con nomination. il bracciale è favoloso!

Adoro gli after eight e i tuoi sono ancora più golosi. te ne rubo uno!
Baci :)

si ma che acquolina mi fanno venire questi cioccolatini.
l'interno sembra deliziosoooo.
♡EFFENSHION…essence † fashion

Bellissimo il tuo bracciale, deliziosi i tuoi after-eight , li adoro ! Un abbraccio Daniela.

i tuoi cioccolatini sono perfetti, mi piace moltissimo anche il bracciale

Non mi piace la menta ma after eight, latte e menta li adoro mi ci affogherei ma non posso. preso nota comunque troppa bontà. ciao

quante cose da commentare in questo post.. :-) il bracciale è adorabile.
per i cioccolatini fatti da complimenti..nn amo gli after eight x' nn mi piace particolarmente l'abbinamento cioccolato menta ma mia madre li adora..credo impazzirebbe per questi..e, se devo dire la verità uno lo proverei volentieri anche io..

Buon anno Silvia. Non amo particolarmente gli after eight (non amo la menta), ma i tuoi sono venuti di un bello da far invidia all'originale. Invece trovo delizioso il bracciale, dovrei fare un regalino quasi quasi approfitto dello sconto

Mmh cioccolatini latte e menta chissà che spettacolo..delizioso il tuo bracciale molto fine ed elegante il pavè Zirconia

Molto bello questo braccialetto e delizioso questi cioccolattini *_*, complimenti.

trovo molto carino il bracciale nella sua originale confezione, devono esser strepitosi i cioccolattini.

delizioso sia il cioccolato (gnammm) che il bracciale, sono due gioielli ^^

Ciao cara e BUON ANNO. Hai rispolverato vecchi ricordi quando mio padre ci portava una confezione di questi cioccolatini., da sempre molto apprezzati qui a casa mia menta cioccolato un sodalizio perfetto. Che dire mi è piaciuto passare da te oggi non solo per i miei ricordi da bambini, ma anche per conoscere questi bracciali davvero carini e originali. grazie per entrambi. ciao

Quel bracciale è qualcosa di formidabile *__* non saprei se mi fa più gola lui o i tuoi after eight!
Complimenti per entrambe le cose, un abbraccio!

che bel bracciale !! adoro la tua ricetta molto originale, grazie dei consigli

Il bracciale è stupendo, ha un packaging favoloso! Complimenti anche per i tuoi cioccolatini, ne proverei volentieri uno ed hai ragione ci stanno bene al tuo bracciale!! Ciao :-)

Ma che carinooo . Davvero!! Mi piace troppo il braccialetto. La ricetta é deliziosa. :)

I cioccolatini after eight sono tra i miei preferiti in assoluto e poi fatti in casa come hai fatto tu devono essere ancora piu' buoni..bravissima e anche il bracciale è davevro bello, molto raffinato ed elegante.

E' troppo bello questo bracciale!! Mi piace un sacco come cade sul braccio *.*

troppo bello ilbracciale.. non lo conoscevo, complimenti

che bello questo bracciale devo andare subito a sbirciare il sito

non saprei cosa scegliere tra le due cose. gli after eight sono i miei cioccolattini preferiti e la collezione Nomination Mybonbons Collection Special Edition l'avevo già adocchiata. e inserita nella mia wishlist dei regali natalizi. ma nessuno me li ha regalati

è davvero bellissimo, lo trovo anche molto originale a dir poco stupendo.

La cucina di Cristina

Draga mea Cristina, profit de cele cateva minute libere pe care le am (in sfarsit. :P). pentru a te saluta :)
Ai un blog nemaipomenit de apetisant! :) . felicitari sincere!

Noi zilele astea ne luptam cu o canicula cumplita, asa ca inevitabil mi-au picat ochii pe reteta asta de inghetata :D
Precis e suuuper racoroasa.

P.S. . cum erau frunzele de menta pe care le-ai folosit, verzi sau uscate? . te intreb pentru ca nu imi amintesc sa fi mancat vreodata inghe de menta :))
. batranetea asta, bat-o vina! :D

Laura, buna dimineata si multumesc pentru complimente
Si aici este foarte cald, azi mai rau decit pina acum si nici macar nu adie vintul.. la 5 dimineata in casa (cu geamul deschis) erau deja 29 grade probabil ca la prinz o sa iau foc :-)) deci si eu voi pregati un sorbetto ( cred ca de piersici ).
Inghetata de menta pe care am mincat-o eu mai demult era mult mai aromata, mai parfumata ( parea o ciocolata after eight congelata.. iar mie after eight nu imi plac in mod deosebit :-) )banuiesc ca era facuta cu sirop sau esenta de menta. Asta insa are doar o usoara aroma, am folosit frunze proaspete rupte din ghiveciul din balcon si tocate pe loc. A fost insa super racoroasa. Daca insa tu vrei un gust mai puternic cred ca ai putea sa faci un sirop din zahar cu foarte putina apa si cu frunzele de menta ( chiar si uscate in cazul asta ) pe care apoi sa il filtrezi si dupa ce s-a racit sa il adaugi la iaurt.
O zi buna si te mai astept pe aici eu una am o lista lunga de dulciuri de pe blogul tau pe care as vrea sa le incerc dar astept sa vina toamna :-)