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Peas with smoked sausages

Peas with smoked sausages

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Put the onion oil and the finely chopped carrot in a saucepan, add the parika, quench with 1 and a half cups of water.

Add the sausages and season with salt, vegeta and pepper. Bring to a simmer until reduced by half, then add the peas, return to the heat and let it cool well.

From the flour, tomato paste and a cup of water we make a sauce that we pour over the peas, let it boil for another 1-2 minutes until it thickens, take it off the heat and serve.

In a saucepan with a thick bottom or cast iron, heat the oil.

Washed pork will be cut into suitable pieces and added to the pan, stirring vigorously with a spatula or wooden spoon.

After it is subtracted from the liquid left by the meat, we will add the sliced ​​garlic.

Season the meat with salt, pepper, bay leaf or thyme.

Then pour the red wine and cup of water, covering the pan with a lid.

From time to time we will mix the meat, to make sure that it will brown on all sides and peel off the caramelized meat fragments from the bottom of the pan.

After 30 minutes we will put smoked sausages cut into slices or pieces of 5 cm each, pricking them with a toothpick.

We will leave them until they brown nicely with the meat.

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The pork chop can be served on a plate decorated with lettuce or in a classic and traditional way in clay pots with pickles and sauerkraut.

Tricks and ideas

Pork tenderloin with smoked sausages can be served with polenta with an egg on top and sprinkled with grated mutton cheese on a small grater.

Vegetable Food with Smoked Sausages

We wash them, clean them, remove the seeds and cut them (finely chop the onion, sliced ​​carrots, peppers and diced zucchini).

Heat 2-3 tablespoons of oil in a pan and add the vegetables. If you use more tender zucchini, add them to the pan after all the other vegetables have softened.

let the vegetables simmer enough, dripping lukewarm water whenever needed to prevent them from burning, and if necessary cover the pan with a lid.

Halfway through the cooking time, add the garlic (cleaned and sliced) and the bay leaf (if using).

After the vegetables are penetrated, add the tomato juice.

Continue cooking for a maximum of 10 minutes, during which time we put the sausages in the pan over the vegetables.

We match the taste of salt and pepper.

We serve hot food, with polenta, cream, bellows cheese, hot peppers, etc.
We serve hot food, with polenta, cream, bellows cheese, hot peppers, etc.


Welcome to my virtual house! I am glad that you have crossed its threshold and I invite you, with great pleasure, to read my posts!

I am a simple person and I always cook, more peasant recipes, as I learned them from my grandmother and mother.

I also get inspired from time to time from the blogroll, or from specialized books, because I like to bring something new in my kitchen and I love it when I pleasantly surprise those I cook with great pleasure.

I would be very happy to know that my recipes can be a source of inspiration in your kitchens!

How to season minced meat pasta for goose, duck or other bird sausages?

Weigh the spices per gram. The pepper is very strong if it is freshly ground and much darker if it is from the one bought in the envelope (ready to be ground). Put all the spices from the list of ingredients over the minced vailing meat. The meat must be completely cold.

Knead everything well for approx. 30 minutes or until it binds (meat myosin forms bonds). DO NOT add water or other juices to the sausages. The turmoil is hard, it's man's work but we don't cheat by adding water because we want raw-dried sausages and we will later struggle to beat them and keep them. Kneading is done with the shift because it actually numbs your hands from effort and cold meat.

We also make a sample forming 2-3 meatballs that we fry in the pan & # 8211 this to find out if the seasoning is correct.

The meat thus seasoned and kneaded is put in a clean vailing, pressed well with the palms so as not to contain air and covered with a lid or food foil. Refrigerate until the next day (approx. 12 hours). What a gorgeous color it has! I don't even tell you about flavors anymore! With us, no one would put their mouths on whitish, pale sausages & # 8230 woe to their mother. This is what the Transylvanian sausage pasta looks like, be it pork or poultry.

How to fill the mats with the composition of poultry sausages?

The mats are washed as I explained in this recipe for pork sausages as in Arad & # 8211 see here.

Remove the meat for poultry sausages from the refrigerator and slice into balls about the size of tennis balls. This step is very important because the sausage filling machine does not thicken with meat taken from the bowl! Why? Because air gaps are created that will pass through the mats!

These meatballs are forcibly slammed into the special sausage filling machine: jap, jap. Pull the intestine on the special nozzle ("turpentine") and start filling very carefully and slowly. A person has to guide the stuffed sausage (ie "sticks"). The technique is illustrated here, in the Transylvanian sausage recipe & # 8211 see here.

If you have an electric sausage filling machine then shape the meat into small (elongated) shapes.

The sausage strings are portioned at 80 cm each, rolled and placed temporarily on a clean table in a cold room.


Foodblogger at Savori Urbane. #savoriurbane

Then each piece of 80 cm is twisted in the middle and the pairs are formed (each has 2 threads of 40 cm each). I find it terribly ugly to see sausages of various sizes, some thick, others thin, unfinished at the ends (deflated) or with air bubbles. We don't do that, but everyone has to look beautiful!

From now on, the sausages are left to simmer for 48 hours. Important! It sits nicely on wooden rods, with a distance of 1 cm between pairs, without being superimposed. It is stored in a cool and ventilated place (space or cold pantry or even in the refrigerator with grills & # 8211 not with glass shelves). It is important that the air circulates and that it is COLD! After 24 hours they return to the back.

I read through the Facebook groups some nonsense about preparing the sausages that left me masked. That is, after lengthening the composition with a lot of water (so as not to bother with the kneading), it starts to sting the membrane of the sausages and hangs them on broomsticks through the kitchens, next to the radiators (.) To drain the juice from them. . They also tell us that a lot of newspapers and rags have to be put on because a lot of juice will leak out… Folks, you don't have a bit of logic. The minced meat is very perishable so it must be kept cold, not near heat sources! You will notice that if the mats are filled with an aqueous composition and then the water evaporates forcibly, you will be left with some withered, wrinkled sausages, which risk spoiling quickly. DO NOT sting the membranes because that's where the bacteria that can damage the sausages will enter! Membranes (mats) have natural pores that will naturally remove moisture from the meat.

The beans are selected from impurities, washed (it is recommended if you can leave it for 10-12 hours - overnight - soaked in cold water) and boiled in cold water.

Change the boiling water 2-3 times, replacing it with hot water. Finely chop the onion and fry in oil. Add the paprika and fry a little together with the onion.

After you have made the last change of the boiling water, add the fried onion with paprika, carrot, finely chopped celery and bleach and a little salt or Knorr Delikat.

After the beans are well cooked, add the chopped garlic, thyme powder or scalded and chopped tarragon, together with the sliced ​​sausages. Let it simmer for a few more minutes, then adjust the taste with salt and add the chopped green parsley.

Pork roll with smoked sausages

Pork roll with smoked sausages recipes: how to cook pork roll with smoked sausages and the tastiest recipes for pork tenderloin braided with sausages, tortilla with potatoes and sausages, biscuit roll with bananas, coconut roll, wafer roll with biscuits, whipped cream roll, ham roll, ham roll and cheese, omelette roll with spinach, apple roll with puff pastry.

Pork roll with smoked sausages

Meat dishes 1kg. pork leg a pair of homemade smoked sausages 400 gr rib salt pepper to taste and a clove of garlic

Pork stew with smoked sausages

Cooked food, Pork, Meals 500 g lean pork 300 g smoked sausages 2 cloves garlic 1 tablespoon dried thyme 2 bay leaves 2 tablespoons oil 1 glass red wine 200 g tomato juice 1/2 teaspoon paprika salt pepper for served: polenta 1 egg eyes telemea cheese

Potato food with smoked sausages

Meat dishes, Meals with vegetables -1 kg potatoes -1 donut or bell pepper -3 smaller carrots -2 onions -300 gr lightly smoked pork sausages -4 tablespoons tomato paste -salt -green locust -3 tablespoons oil

Pork roll with smoked sausage

Thyme, Oregano - about 700 gr pork chop - 300 gr smoked sausages - 1 teaspoon sea salt - 1 teaspoon grated pepper - 3 teaspoons red paprika - oregano - thyme - roinita - a few tablespoons olive oil

Tochitura with pork and chicken

Food, Meat dishes, Christmas pork neck chicken breast fresh sausages smoked sausages smoked ham 2 glasses of wine 1 glass of tomato juice salt pepper thyme garlic polenta

Drob with sausages

Thyme, Dill, Carrots 6 pie sheets 300 g breaded pork 300 g pork liver 4 smoked sausages 5 green onions 1 dried onion 2 carrots butter oil 4 eggs dill thyme sesame seeds salt pepper

Rolls with smoked sausages, chicken breast and bacon

Meat dishes, Christmas recipes 1.2 kg boneless chicken breast 8 smoked sausages 24 slices of bacon

Cabbage soup with smoked sausages

Soups and broths, Vegetable soups, Christmas 300 gr smoked sausages, 250 gr sour cabbage, 1 tablespoon lard, 1 tablespoon flour, 1 onion, paprika, 3 tablespoons sour cream, cabbage juice

Christmas cake

-500 g pork (breaded with fat) -1 kg pork liver -6 pieces smoked sausages -5-6 cloves garlic -2 onions -5 eggs -a little oil -1 tablespoon flour 1 glass of brandy -dill, parsley -salt, pepper

Smoked pork sausages

Pork, Minced meat, Meat dishes 8 kg minced meat 250 g garlic 150 g salt 20 g pepper 200 g sweet paprika bay leaves 100 g thyme 15-16 m pork intestines

Spicy pork steak in the oven

Chili 1.5 kg of pork salt pepper chili paste 3 cloves garlic one onion one piece smoked sausages and some spaghetti

Steak with pork meat and sausages

Peppercorns, Mac, Rosemary a piece of pork meat of about 1.5 kg a few sausages prepared at home and smoked by my husband 3-4 cloves of garlic olive oil peppercorns a few bay leaves a glass of white wine demi -dry dried rosemary salt ground pepper

Carbonara Pasta With Sausages

Pasta and pizza, Pasta 400g spaghetti 160g smoked sausages 4 eggs 50g parmesan 1 lemon

Simple and delicious pork stew

Pork, Meat dishes, Meals 400 g pork (leg) 100 g liver 300 g smoked sausages pepper salt 2 cloves garlic bay leaves 1/2 teaspoon paprika 2 tablespoons lard a glass of wine 4 tablespoons broth

Meat roll with sausages from Muntenia

slices of pork meat pork sausages & ndash depending on the number of slices of meat pulp oil salt and pepper optional can be seasoned with garlic and basil coriander and mustard seeds

Sofia cheese muffins, smoked sausages and pickled donuts

Appetizers, Appetizers with meat, Christmas -1 cup (200 ml) yogurt -100 ml oil -2 eggs - 1 sachet baking powder -150 gr grated cheese -3 pieces of smoked sausages-sesame seeds, in -1 cup and a half flour -a salt powder -3 halves of pickled donut

Tochitura Moldoveneasca.

Meat dishes diced potatoes 500 g pork leg 500 g smoked sausages 3-4 tablespoons lard (oil) 4 onions 10 cloves garlic salt and pepper to taste

Christmas cake

500 g pork (breaded with fat) 1 kg pork liver 4 pieces smoked sausages paprika sweet / hot (according to preference) 5-6 cloves garlic 2 onions 5 eggs a little oil 1 tablespoon flour 1 tablespoon tomato paste 1 glass of dill cognac, dried parsley salt, pepper

Breaded pork tenderloin (rolled)

a pork tenderloin (approx. 1 kg) 100 - 150 g smoked bacon 1-2 semi-smoked or smoked sausages 10 cloves of garlic 5 tablespoons of oil salt to taste freshly ground black pepper rosemary and other spices according to everyone's preference.

Sweet cabbage with smoked sausages

Meat dishes, Foods with vegetables and greens 1 sweet cabbage of about 1 kg 300 g slightly dried smoked sausages 3-4 tomatoes 1 onion 1 red bell pepper 1 carrot 1 handful of spinach leaves celery parsley dill 50 g ketchup 2-3 leaves bay leaf 50 ml oil pepper pepper pepper thyme 1.

Sofia cheese muffins, smoked sausages and sesame

Appetizers, Appetizers with eggs, Christmas -1 cup (200 ml) yogurt -100 ml oil -2 eggs - 1 sachet baking powder -100 gr grated cheese -3 pieces of smoked sausages -same seeds -1 cup and a half flour - a pinch of salt

Eggs with sausages and mushrooms

2 eggs 300gr champignon mushrooms 200gr spicy or smoked sausages 150ml cooking cream 2.3 tablespoons olive oil salt, pepper

Cabbage with sausages and smoked meat

Meat dishes 1 sauerkraut 1 chopped large onion 2 cups tomato juice oil 4 semi-smoked sausages a few pieces of smoked ribs

Pork roll with sausage and bacon

Foods, Meat dishes, Christmas pork muscles, sausages, smoked bacon, salt, pepper, thyme, 3-4 tablespoons oil, 100 ml white wine.

Tochitura mocaneasca

Meat dishes 600 g lean pork 200 g smoked sausages 150 g liver 350 ml wine 2 tablespoons lard 1 tablespoon donut paste 6 cloves garlic 2 thyme salt salt ground pepper hot paprika

Bean stew with sausages

Meat dishes 500g dried beans 400g smoked sausages 1 carrot 1 parsley root 2 large onions 2 bay leaves 2 tablespoons broth 2 tablespoons oil salt, pepper

Tochitura moldoveneasca

Thyme 500gr. fresh pork cut into small pieces, 4 smoked sausages, 150 ml. white wine, 3-4 cloves of crushed garlic, 150gr. salted sheep cheese, 3 eggs, oil, thyme, salt pepper polenta: corn water salt.

Mamaliga revealed

Meat dishes 200 g corn 400 ml water 1 teaspoon grated salt 200 g thick smoked sausages 250 g pork with fat 200 g kaiser 300 g sheep cheese (bellows or telemea)

Sauteed cabbage with sausages

Food, Cabbage dishes, Christmas 1 sauerkraut 400 g smoked sausages an onion 1 tablespoon tomato paste 2 bay leaves 50 ml oil 1 teaspoon dried thyme 1/2 tablespoon dried dill peppercorns

Tochitura moldoveneasca

Meat dishes -500 g pork -2 sausages (preferably smoked) -oil -1 glass of wine -3-4 cloves garlic -salt ground pepper -2 eggs -200 g cheese (sheep cow goat. According to preferences) for polenta: - corn -water -salt -a little oil


Meat dishes 800 g pork meat 300 g smoked sausages homemade 300 g smoked meat 2 onions 50-75 ml oil 1 bay leaf salt and pepper 250 ml. white wine 2 tablespoons broth 3 cloves garlic telemea for shaving on top (optional)

Beans with smoked bacon and sausages

Meat dishes 500 g beans beans 2 onions 1 bell pepper 2 carrots 1/4 celery 1 parsnip 11 slices smoked bacon 4-5 homemade sausages 3 tablespoons tomato paste oil bay leaves dried thyme peppercorns salt

Penne with sausages and mushrooms

Pasta with meat, Pasta, Pasta and pizza 400 g pasta 1 tablespoon olive oil 350 g smoked sausages 300 g mushrooms 1/2 glass of wine 100 ml liquid cream 300 parmesan parsley salt pepper

Meat, ribs and sausages to garnish

Food, Meat dishes, Christmas sliced ​​pork sausage pork ribs lard

Pork roll

2 pieces of pork tenderloin (about 1.5 kg.) A bell pepper, has red, a bunch of green onions, 200 gr. Pitted olives, 1 teaspoon ground pepper, a sachet of tarragon, salt to taste, 100 ml of oil. , 100 ml. Red wine, 2 pieces of spicy sausages (400.

Sarmalute in the nest with smoked

Meat dishes, Christmas recipes 1kg pork 400g smoked ribs 300g smoked homemade ham 250g smoked sausages 150g rice 1 egg 50ml oil 2 large onions 3-4 tablespoons tomatoes 500ml tomato juice bay leaves thyme salt pepper

Pork leg with pepper and sausages in the oven

Bay leaves, Dafin 1 slice of pork meat 1/2 kg thick pork sausages 2 tablespoons mosaic pepper mixture (red, white, green, black) 2 bay leaves salt

Lentil food with sausages

Meat dishes, Meals, Vegetable dishes 1 onion 2 carrots 2-3 stalks of celery 1 teaspoon cumin 2 cloves garlic 400 g green or brown lentils 1 bay leaf thyme salt pepper 300 g smoked sausages 1 teaspoon lemon juice 2 tbsp Parsley tomato paste for decoration

Sausage with sausages

Meals, Meat dish, Christmas 500 g white beans, large berries 4-5 pieces with smoked sausages half red bell pepper half half green bell pepper a carrot suitable a small, dried onion 2 strands green onion 3 tablespoons broth 100 ml oil salt, vegeta, pepper, paprika, thyme.

Homemade sausages in pizza dough

Yeast, Homemade smoked sausage water in sheep's dough pizza dough: 5 tablespoons yeast flour - 25 g salt water and 1 tablespoon lard an egg for greased sesame and poppy seeds

Pork tenderloin braided with sausages

Sage, Wine 2 pork muscles 200 g fresh sausages in sheep intestines 2 tablespoons olive oil 200 ml wine 1 teaspoon cumin 1 green onion 1 clove garlic sage pepper pepper mosaic salt

Turkey steak with sausages and potatoes

Thyme, Lemon, Vinegar 1 turkey upper leg (1.2-1.5 kg), 500 g thin smoked sausages (cabanos) 250-300 g smoked pork chop (ham ribs), 1 kg white potatoes, 250 g pumpkin pie, 1 orange, 1 lemon, 1 dill and parsley, 1 clove garlic.

Breaded muscle

for the preparation of the muscle I used: 2 pieces of pork muscle of 1 kg each. piece 6 pieces carrot 4 pieces of parsnip roots, 4 pieces of parsley roots, 1 head of garlic. aromatic herbs, pork spices, salt to taste 6.


Cream, Pepper, Basil for the roll sheet we need: 5 eggs 200ml sour cream 4 tablespoons flour 1/2 red pepper green parsley spices to taste: salt pepper oregano basil for the filling: melted cheese or fine cream cheese (2 rolls or 2 boxes) & nbsp 2.

Sarmale with pork and sauerkraut in pumpkin

Meat dishes, Christmas recipes 700 g minced pork, 500 g smoked sausages, 1 sour cabbage of about 2 kg, 150 g rice, 2 onions, 1-2 carrots, 2-3 tomatoes, 100 g red ketchup and red peppers, 100 ml broth, 2 red / green bell peppers (donuts), 2 cubes / teaspoon.

Pork steak in a cauldron

Meat dishes 500 gr. pork leg 4 homemade sausages (I had grilled sausages) 2 suitable onions 1 red bell pepper broth (I put red pepper paste) salt pepper 4 cloves garlic 1 cup thyme wine 2 bay leaves

Oltenian recipe: Panduri food

Meals, Meat dishes 80 g Oltenian sausages 80 g pork sausages 70 g drum 100 g gypsy muscles 150 g pork meat 200 g onion 100 ml arpis oil 3 tablespoons broth 100 ml bone broth 100 ml wine 10 g parsley salt, pepper , to taste

Food is silent and swallowed

Meals, Preparations with polenta 500 g corn, 1 l milk (water), 50 g butter, 100 g sour cream, 200 g grated salted cheese, 200 g smoked sausages, 150 g kaizer, 100 g smoked bacon, 3 eggs.

Spicy and tasty pizza

Pasta and pizza dough: -water 400 ml. - olive oil 2.5 tablespoons - flour 750-800 gr. -salt 2.5 teaspoons -dried yeast 2.5 teaspoons -thresday ham 250 gr. -salam 200gr. -smoked pork neck 150 gr. -smoked sausages 300gr. -cheese 250 gr. -dried cheese of.

Sausage food

Meals, Meat dish, Christmas 4 slices of smoked bacon, 1 - 2 red onion parsley bunch, 2 carrots match a few sprigs of fresh (or dried) rosemary, 3 fresh bay leaves, 2 leeks 400 g sausages preferably smoked), 3-4 thick slices of bread, 2 puppies.

Smoked homemade sausages

About homemade sausages, nowhere have so many stories been told as in our country, in Banat. Our sausages are a reason for great household pride. Of course, next to the banana tree. These delicacies are so important homemade sausages for the space of Banat (space = pantry, germ. species), so that, for 45 years now, the Banat Sausage Festival has been taking place in our country with great fanfare. Within it, the most skilled butchers of Banat register with homemade sausages prepare very carefully. This contest arouses a lot of passion every year. „Worschtkoschtprob” & # 8211, that is, the tasting of the sausages, on Swabian, takes place every year in a Banat locality, after many years it took place only in Timișoara.

In our country, in Banat, a well-kept space must look, in January, after the ignat has passed and the homemade hams, bacon and sausages have been smoked, as in the image below. I took the photo in the space of my in-laws. It is a place where it smells delicious and can be considered a household standard of the area.

What specialties do we prepare for cutting pork?

Every year, the same treats are repeated with a delicious result: ham (bacon, as we say), bacon (clisa), goose boiled with paprika, caltaboş, bleeding, traditional drum, greaves, sausages. They occupy a place of honor. The recipe for smoked homemade sausages that I offer you today is a traditional one, simple but definitely delicious. We were never disappointed and everyone who tasted our sausages was delighted. Some of these tasters are people who really know how, they even know like no other.

We prepared these homemade sausages from 42 kilograms of meat, of which 16 kilos of beef and 26 kilos of pork. In the language of butchery, pork-work means all those pieces that come from cutting and shaping the most important pieces, suitable for steaks, hams, etc. Butchers also call these dishes and & # 8222fits & # 8221. In general, pork is quite fatty, so we also add beef. The sausages can also be prepared from pork shoulder, in which case the mixture will be moderately fatty. In this case, there is no need for beef.

It takes weeks to get dry sausages, like the ones in the illustration. The set cooking time is only indicative, we chose the maximum as far as the interface allows.

I think this is one of my first recipes, as a beginner in cooking. When I was a student and my colleagues came to me to learn in the session, we tried to do something fast, so we also resorted to this recipe & # 8211 I guarantee you that there was never anything left on the plate & # 8230


500 g frozen peas
3-4 pieces of smoked sausage
1 large onion
1 carrot maricel
1/2 red bell pepper (kapia)
100 ml of tomato juice
2 tablespoons tomato paste (homemade ketchup)
200 ml chicken soup / water
1/2 teaspoon flour & # 8211 dissolve it in tomato juice
1/4 teaspoon sugar
1 bay leaf
a few sprigs of thyme
1 clove garlic cut in half
a few peppercorns
1/2 dill connection

Finely chop the onion together with the grated carrot and sliced ​​sausages.

After they have hardened nicely, we add the rest of the ingredients and put them to boil, over medium heat & # 8211 except for the dill.

When the peas are cooked, put the finely chopped dill in the pot, let it boil for another minute and that's it!

Cook Peasant Potatoes with Smoked Sausages

Preparation time


  • 1.5 kg of white potatoes
  • 3 medium onions
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 300 gr donuts in tomato sauce
  • 200 gr tomato juice
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 1 teaspoon dried thyme
  • 1 teaspoon paprika, smoked
  • 750 gr smoked sausages
  • sunflower oil
  • 1/2 bunch of dill
  • 1/2 bunch of parsley
  • a few basil leaves

Method of preparation

How do we prepare the Peasant Potatoes Recipe with smoked sausages?

First, wash the potatoes well and put them to boil, peeled, in water until they are well covered.

Meanwhile, cut the sausages into smaller pieces and fry them in oil, then drain them.

We clean and chop the julienned onion and put it to harden in 2 tablespoons of the oil in which we fried the sausages.

Add 2 cloves of garlic, chop the rounds and add hot water from time to time, so as not to catch the onion that intense taste of frying.

When the onion is well penetrated, add the strip donuts together with the tomato sauce.

When the potatoes are well cooked, drain them from the hot water, pass them through a stream of cold water and clean them. We cut them into large pieces and add them over the onion sauce on the fire. Add the spices and mix well for a few minutes on the fire. If necessary, add a cup of hot water.

Cut the sausages into thicker slices and mix them between the potatoes. We leave the delicious Peasant Potatoes with smoked sausages for 7-8 minutes on the fire to intertwine the tastes, during which time we add a clove of grated garlic, a few chopped basil leaves and chopped dill.

After turning off the heat, add the chopped parsley.

We love this potato dish, peasant, I hope you like the recipe too!

Recipe to prepare a dish of dried yellow pea cream with sausages

Dried yellow pea cream food with sausages

It's my favorite food. It is a very healthy and delicious food. Unfortunately, only I eat in the family and for this reason I rarely prepare it.

It can also be eaten during fasting, but instead of sausages I prepare onions cooked in oil.

Ingredients yellow dry pea cream with sausages

  • 500 g dried yellow peas
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • salt
  • a tablespoon of flour
  • 200gr sausages

Method of preparation

The dried peas are washed and soaked for 2 hours. Then drain the water and boil in cold water with salt over low heat, stirring occasionally so as not to get caught.

When the pea has softened with the hand blender, pass it.

Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a saucepan and add 1 clove of crushed garlic.

Fry the garlic a little and add a tablespoon of flour. Then add the dried peas and boil a little more, stirring constantly.

If necessary, add a little salt and water.

Cut the sausages into slices and fry a little in the pan with oil.

You can decorate the peas with the tops according to your preference. Great appetite!

ingredients 1. the peas are soaked 2. put the peas to boil in water 3. pass the food 4. Heat 2 tablespoons of oil and 1 clove of crushed garlic 5. add flour 6. add the dried peas 7. the sausages are cut into rounds 8. fry the sausages 9. yellow pea dish with sausages

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