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Raspberry jam with lavender

Raspberry jam with lavender

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First I picked raspberries (on a warmth I felt like I was leaking, but it was worth the effort, the raspberry feels well caressed by the sun's rays). I picked it carefully, without any gauze falling into the bowl, so as not to have to wash it, the morning dew had washed it.

I put the raspberries in a tuci then I added the sugar, I mixed well, without fear now it could be crushed at will, the whole raspberry should not remain in the jam. I let the fire simmer and let it boil until it started to bind well. I gathered the foam formed, and 5 minutes before I put out the fire I added lavender. I put out the fire, took out the lavender twigs, then put the jam in sterilized jars, covered them and covered them with a blanket, to cool until the next day when I stored them in the cellar.

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