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How to make a cage

How to make a cage

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How to make a cage. First of all, we choose the barley, after which we pour boiled water over it for the first time. We mix it with a more special spoon (with a longer tail) until the impurities rise above it. Leave for a few more minutes, then drain the water. We pour cold water over the barley several times, for clarification.

In a cauldron with boiled water we put the barley so that it is very well covered by water (about once again). We put it on the right heat and from time to time I "put" the spoon under the bark.

Always have a kettle of boiled water next to us, because we may need more.

When it is almost cooked, add the sugar and salt and let it boil for a few more minutes. Then mix with walnuts, grated lemon, vanilla and vanilla sugar if you think you want it sweeter. Leave it to cool until morning.

On a plate we put the cage, then ground walnuts and powdered sugar. It is also decorated with chocolates or walnut kernels.

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